Tuesday, October 09, 2007

So you like playing with the Shift Button on your mac during animations?

I love it, and you love it. We all do! Admit it, you have been sitting alone enjoying the sight of the smooth apple animations while holding the shift button.

For people that haven't, most animations on your mac can be slowed down by holding the shift button. This works for everything from Exposé to Dashboard Widgets to minimizing effects and so on.
I recently discovered that by holding Ctrl instead of Shift makes animations go half-slow. It will still go pretty fast, but you can notice some difference.
But that's not all! What about combining it with the Shift button? BIG SURPRISE!! By pressing Ctrl+Shift while commanding those animations they will go superdupermegaslow. I'm talking turtle speed here. So far I've only got to test it on the minimizing effect, but i guess it will work with other animations as well

Here's a little demonstration

Have fun! :)

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